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The MetroWest Health & Social Service Hub

How It Works

When someone needs help, they deserve the right care and support.

Thanks to a planning grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation, the Behavioral Health Partners of MetroWest has launched the planning of a Health and Social Services Hub to better connect people to the services and supports they need to thrive in their community.

We collaborate with healthcare providers, social services, and other community stakeholders to make local healthcare and social services more accessible, coordinated, efficient, and effective for individuals and families in the greater MetroWest area of Massachusetts.

By filling gaps in care and supports, individuals and families can focus on their health and avoid navigating complex systems.

Hub Models

Hub models are implemented in many communities, using innovative approaches to reduce the stress of accessing healthcare and other services in communities. A network of providers, community members, and municipal employees are working to assess gaps in services, identify underserved populations and individuals in greatest need, establish systems to support people across organizations, and coordinate care.

Our Goal

The MetroWest Health and Social Services Hub will focus on integrating the local ambulatory/outpatient healthcare system inclusive of mental health, substance use, primary physical healthcare, and social services such as housing and nutrition. Initially, our focus is on Ashland, Framingham, and Natick with a goal of expanding to other MetroWest cities and towns over time.

“The MetroWest community has robust resources and services, but there are challenges in connecting people with the supports they need and coordinating care across healthcare providers.”

– Anne Pelletier Parker, Executive Director of BHPMW

 “The goal of the Hub model is to impact the way the local system of care works together.”

Martin Cohen, President and CEO of MetroWest Health Foundation